California Cafe Cleanse and Detox

Make a Good Choice to Step into The New Year With Better Health !

Our cleanse will help your body run better because it helps your body rid itself of toxins that build up in the body. Just like you need to change the oil in your car to run better.  

We’re exposed to harmful substances all the time; they’re in our diet such as pesticides, microbes and mercury to name a few. Toxins are in the air we breathe, like pollution & disinfectants. Our body continuously handles these toxins by breaking them down and flushing them out. Over time our bodies become overloaded from toxins, and we can feel this when we get bloated/inflammation, sluggish and sometimes sick. 

Our Cleanse helps your body to reset by drinking & eating superfoods that are packed with nutrients &enzymes believed to boost and nourish the detoxifying organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, lymph and colon so that they can do their job- to break down toxins and flush them out of the body. 

Yes, jag vill gärna få mer information av er angående era Detox program!Vårens Detox program: 19-25 januari, 2-8 mars, 4-10 maj. Kontakta oss för ytterligare information.

What Is Included in the Detox/Cleanse Program?


What is a Detox/Cleanse?

What exactly is a detox? Simply put, a detox is a process in which a person makes lifestyle changes to clear their body of toxins. These lifestyle changes typically involve abstaining from certain harmful things and optimizing body cleansing processes. Some changes are temporary, such as following a cleansing diet, others may be permanent, such as deciding not to consume high fructose corn syrup and drink sugary soda.

What Do I Eat in The Detox?

The Detox/Cleansing focuses on supplying the body with a wide range of organic delicious, colorful, raw and nutrient-dense superfoods, while avoiding those that cause inflammation or sensitivities. The cleanse includes all meals, snacks, drinks, teas, shots that you will need during the entire cleanse. You will not need any other food during the cleanse than what is provided.

How Long is The Detox? .

The cleanse can be done for one, two or three weeks. A deep cleanse is 3 weeks. This cleanse can be done 1 to 3 times a year depending on your wellbeing, stress levels and eating habits.

We suggest speaking with Celena to decide about the length of your cleanse. You can always start with a week and decide if you want to continue for another week.

What Are The Benefits Of A Detox Cleanse?

The best way to keep your body from being overwhelmed by toxins is not to put any into it ! Avoiding processed foods for one, two or three weeks you give your body and digestion some time to rest, rejuvenate & reset!

Detox & rejuvenate by drinking & eating superfoods that are packed with nutrients & enzymes believed to boost and nourish the detoxifying organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, lymph and colon so that they can do their job better- to break down toxins and flush them out of the body. Fruits & vegetables are high in water content and help to flush out toxins & rehydrate the body.

The lymph and skin are the largest cleansing organs of the body so what we put in and on our bodies is important because we absorb what we put on our skin into our lymph system & blood and then circulates throughout our body. And what eat becomes part of our body and reflects in our skin, hair & how we feel!

What's Included in The Cleanse? .

  • An introductory evening where we go over how the program works and answer any questions you have.
  • All meals and drinks are prepared for you.
  • Individualized guidance.

You pick up your meals and drinks for the day the evening before at California Café in Nora.


The daily schedule is as follows (all included in the program)

  • Pre breakfast- cleansing Turmeric shot
  • Breakfast- green & fiber drink- greens & spirulina in this drink contain Chlorophyll which promotes cleansing by oxygenating the body, improving circulation & decreases inflammation.
  • Snack/ veggies & cleansing tea
  • Lunch- health bowl- cleansing grain, veggies, special sauce
  • Snack/veggies & cleansing tea
  • Dinner- raw cleansing soup
  • After dinner- fiber drink & tea
  • Cleansing herbs


  • The next Detox program is scheduled for middle of January 2019. Click here for more information

How the Program Works

  • You will attend an information evening at California Café in Nora. The program will be explained in details
  • The basic cleanse/detox runs for one week, 7days. There are also options to continue the cleanse for 14 or 21 days
  • You will be provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices, green drinks and more for the entire program. All that you need to eat for a week will be included
  • The food will be available for you to pick up at California Café after 16:00 every day of the cleanse. You will then be provided all the food for the next day. All you have to do is follow the included instructions.
  • If you choose, you can also eat your cleanse lunch at California Café, between 11:00 and 15:00 each day.
  • In the middle of the cleanse we will have another information evening.

When is it available?

The program is available again in  early 2019. There will be an information meeeting in the middle of January followed by a Detox week the week after. Please click here to request additional information regarding the Detox programs in the winter/spring of 2019

What are the costs?

The cost for program is as follows

1 Week – 2495:-

Those prices include all meals, drinks, juices, smoothies, shots and snacks that are needed for the cleanse/detox. It also includes personalized guidance, information gatherings and a skin brush.

How Do I Pay?

You can pay by coming into California Cafe in Nora during our normal business hours, 11:00-15:00 Wednesda – Saturday. There you can pay with cash or card.  Or you can pay with Swish to 073 086 8687

About Celena

In her own words:

“I think I have always taken my health & wellbeing for granted because it’s always been a natural focus and important part of my life.

I was brought up by very health conscious parents, and by 17 years old I began seriously studying yoga & meditation.  At 22 I began my holistic wellness studies;

  • I studied raw/vegan foods & was certified by “Natural Hygiene”.
  • I am a licensed Massage therapist/certified in Shiatsu & Lymphatic drainage
  • Licensed in Holistic Wellness & Skincare
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Hatha yoga teacher.

In my early 20’s I was trained by Celebrity holistic beauty & wellness specialist Susan Ciminellis as one of her protégés. We catered to celebrity clientele such as Victoria Secret Models. This is when I began educating clients in the benefits of raw & anti-inflammatory foods.

2001 – 2012, I developed & created cleansing protocols for Sphatika Holistic Center & Spa in Manhattan, New York. As lead therapists I trained other therapists and educated clients on wellness for skin and lymphatic/ body cleansing & yoga.

I worked with many famous & high profile clients throughout my career.

Since my diet has always been a main focus & source of my own health & wellbeing I have always included wellness/diet coaching with my clients as part of their holistic treatment. Over 20 years of workings with clients and questioning what they eat, I have noticed how what they eat affects their body.  I could feel & see the swelling in their muscles, joints and skin from eating & drinking toxic foods.

We recently moved from Los Angeles, California with our big family to Järnboås (outside Nora). My Swedish husband, Mats and I decided to leave the toxicity and stress that comes with living in a very very big city and move to the peaceful and beautiful Swedish country side. We have currently opened the California Cafe in Nora to bring a healthy California food twist to Nora. We are also in process of developing a yoga, meditation, chanting and wellness retreat center at our property. Yoga classes are starting soon in our studio. Please email us for more information. Click here